Points Table Week 8 Mens

Quick stats:

  • Highest Ranking: 2nd grade
  • Best Offense: 2nd grade (23 goals scored)
  • Best Defense: 5th grade (9 goals against)
  • Top goal scorer: Nathan Baker (11 goals in 2nd and PHL)

HCPHL and NMHA Points Table Wk 8

Club Draw Version 1 Mens

Club Draw v1.0

6th grade this weekend 17/4/2016 deferred.

Round 3 3rd April Home Game

9:00 6th vrs Port
10:30 4th vrs Port
12:00 3rd vrs Port
13:30 2nd vrs tigers
15:00 PHL vrs Gosford
5th grade bye.

Round 1 13/3/2016

We take on the seapigs. at Newcastle

  • 0900 5th
  • 1030 4th
  • 1200 3rd
  • 1330 2nd
  • 1500 PHL
  • 1630 6th

Congratulations on recruitment this year with the return of 4th grade.

Remember to register before sunday

Register now! Comp starts March 13

If you missed the registration day or just didn’t know about it you need to contact us to register now.

hockey nsw registration website

Returning players can login on the and then click renew, it’ll remember your details from last year.

If you have any questions email ramsmaitland at gmail.com or SMS 0490 463 962



New turf is progressing well


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