Thursday night 7ths

Reminder that Thursday night 17/8/2017, will be 7th grade vrs Port Stephens, Hornets, at 7pm at Maitland Hockey Centre.

Training will still run 5-6 and 6-7 for juniors and women’s.

Points Table Week 18

Updated draw 2017

Port Stephens and Crusaders have dropped their 6th grade teams to 7th grade, resulting in a new draw.



Shirts, Beanies, Socks, Scarfs and Hoodys.

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Orders must be in by the 21st of April.

Round 1 Games 2017

Games in Newcastle

12:00 7th vrs Tigers

13:30 5th vrs Crusaders

15:00 3rd vrs Crusaders

16:30 2nd vrs Tigers

Games in Central Coast

12:00 PHL vrs Gosford

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